What to Expect When You Come to Worship

Up until March we were meeting in the Solid Life Center building on late Sunday afternoons.  At this stage we are praying about focusing on House Churches and Home Groups, and we are also praying about starting an OUTDOOR, late Sunday afternoon, worship service (probably at a local church) that emphasizes the Scriptures and the Eucharist (communion).  Please email or text us if either these is something that you might have an interest.

When you arrive you’ll see plenty of signs to guide you into the parking lot and worship space. There is parking in front of the church on the west side of Cedar street.  There is also a parking lot in back of the church. We don't have a greeter outside so just come on into the Sanctuary/Worship Space.

As you enter people will be friendly and introduce themselves to you. 

Our congregation is small and naturally accepting, welcoming, and inclusive.  

We never ask our guests to fill out anything -or do anything-before, during, or after the service. So you can relax and find a seat. 

Ordinary People:  Our worship community is made up of welcoming people from diverse backgrounds.  Some people are new to the Christian faith, others are exploring Christianity, and others have been Christians all their lives. 


Worship is Accessible for Everyone: Regardless of background, everyone feels welcome and is able to worship because of the holistic blending of liturgical and contemporary praise & worship elements. This unique blend allows people who have no church background to be able to participate; while also engaging those who may have attended church all of their lives.

Video ProjectionAll elements in our service are video projected.  So you’ll always know what’s going on.

Children: We're blessed with kids, and they are welcome to stay for the whole service.  However, after the Children's Message, small children may go to a classroom for a short lesson activity and play.  You’ll sign your child into the classroom and leave your text number with the children’s teacher (always an adult female), in case the teacher needs to text you to come and care for your child.

No Worries about Money: Our church practices, voluntary, free will giving.  No one will ask you for money.  Anyone who would like to give a financial gift can place an offering in the designated basket anytime before, during, or after the service.  We also use the Givelify App for those who would like to give using their phones.

Backyard House Church

Solid Life Center

Solid Life Center

Typical Order of Worship

· Opening Worship Song

· Welcome and Introductory Rite (Responsive Reading)

· Greeting (Sharing the Peace of Christ)

· Announcements

· Prayers: Thanksgivings and Intercession

· Responsive Psalm Reading

· Reading from Scripture

·  Gospel Reading

· Children's Message

· Two Worship Songs

· Pastor’s Inspirational Talk (Homily)

· Communion: "The Great Thanksgiving" liturgy                                  (responsive prayer reading)

· Worship Song

· Pastoral Blessing and Dismissal

Serving Forest Grove, Hillsboro, and Western Washington County

Call Now: 503-680-2311

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