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Five Streams: In Scripture there are five primary streams of ministry and spirituality that flowed from the life of Jesus: Charismatic, Contemplative, Evangelical, Justice, and Sacramental.  These “streams” of Christ’s ministry and spirituality flowed together in the life of Jesus into one river… we call “The Gospel” (The Good News).


The ancient Church, founded by Christ and the Apostles, holistically expressed all these streams.  Over the millennia these life-giving streams separated into various denominations.  Various denominations would typically emphasize one or two streams, and ignore the others.  Like the ancient church, Five Streams Community Church holistically expresses all the “streams” of Christ’s ministry and spirituality.

        Geography:  There are also five primary streams in western Washington County that flow into the

                             Tualatin River. We define this region as our geographical ministry area.

Community Church: John Wesley said “All the world is my parish”.  Five Streams Church is a parish church of the “one holy catholic and apostolic church”.  We are, organizationally, part of a world-wide communion of 20,000 parish churches in 22 nations called “The Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches- CEEC”.   Most of these parish churches are in the developing world; rather than the USA.  One of the primary values of our communion of parish churches is "community": communion and unity with other Christians and local churches .

Five Streams Community Church is a community church for anyone who desires to follow Jesus as their Lord and savior.  No one need be, belong, or become, anything other than a baptized Christian to fully participate in the life our parish church. Everyone is welcome here.

Serving Forest Grove, Hillsboro, and Western Washington County

Call Now: 503-680-2311

Five Streams Community Church 2019

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