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We Believe in Sacred Scripture: We affirm that the 66 books of The Bible are inspired by God, and that they are infallible for all matters of Christian faith and practice.

We Receive the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds from the ancient Christian church as sufficient statements of our doctrinal beliefs. We affirm the distinctives of the Protestant Reformation.  We are in accord with the statement of faith of the World Evangelical Alliance.

Invitation: Jesus invites us to join his life, and follow Him as our personal Savior; rather than us inviting Jesus to join our life.  Jesus’ message was- and still is- to “change our direction, believe the Good News, and follow Him”. (Mark 1:15,17)

Community: Jesus calls us to follow him by spiritually sharing our lives with other people who have accepted His invitation to join Him in His life.  This community is called “The Church”. Jesus also calls us to work together and use our gifts and talents to serve each other and the world around us. In doing so we fulfill His mission in this world. (Ephesians 4:1-16)

Hospitality: Jesus' was always sharing his life through hospitality.  He welcomed all who came to him and he was always ready to accept an invitation for conversation and dinner. Today, Jesus continues to share his eternal life with all who come to him to be his followers.  As people of The Church, The Body of Christ, we are called to share Christ's life- living in us- with others. (Mathew 9:10, Hebrews 13:2, 1 Peter 4:9).

Immanence: God is present with us and with the whole creation.  So being with God, resting in God's presence, and enjoying God's simple gifts is vital to spiritual contentment. (Jeremiah 23:23-24) 

Journey/Life Long Pilgrimage: Our life in Christ is a journey through this world and into our eternal home with Christ.  Sometimes this journey is fun and exciting; sometimes it is filled with disappointment and pain.  Whatever our circumstances, as God’s children we are continually being formed by the Holy Spirit into a deeper walk with Christ. (1Peter 2:11-12, 1 Chronicles 29:15). 

Power:  The indwelling presence and power of the Holy Spirit will bring radical transformation into our life.  The power of the Holy Spirit also avails us to be used by God as a means of God’s favor and radical transformation in the lives of others. (Acts 19:11-12, 17-20) 

Christian Spiritual Practices: Through the centuries The Church has developed Christian spiritual practices for people to encounter God and grow in their relationship with God.  Just as we need exercise to maintain a healthy body…we need spiritual exercises (disciplines) to maintain a healthy relationship with God. 

Embodying the Five Streams of the Ministry and Spirituality of Jesus: As the body of Christ we embrace all the ministry of Jesus as seen in the Gospels and in the churches in the Book of Acts.  Evangelical, Charismatic, Contemplative, Justice, and Sacramental.

- Evangelical:  Jesus Christ is the ONLY savior of the world. All may come to Him, repent of their sins, receive forgiveness, and follow Him as Savior and Lord of their lives. Mk. 1:15, Jn. 7:37

- Charismatic: The Spirit of God is still moving in power- delivering those oppressed by evil, healing the sick, restoring the downcast, and displaying signs and wonders in times and ways, as God sees fit. Ro. 15:19

- Contemplative: With the mystics of scripture, and throughout church history, The Spirit of God invites us to "dial down" and "tune in" to the quiet voice of God's loving presence. 1 Ki. 19:11-12, LK. 5:16

- Justice: The fiery love of God burns for the downtrodden, poor , and oppressed.  God calls His people to welcome them and help them. Lk. 4:18

- Sacramental: Jesus has given His Church visible signs as invisible means of powerful grace. Lk. 22:19

We Faithfully Practice the Two Sacraments instituted by Jesus:

     * Baptism upon profession of faith, or Christening of infants and children by a parent's request.

     * Holy Communion (The Eucharist) every Sunday.

     * We offer the Rites of The Church (sometimes called "sacraments"): Marriage, Reconciliation (confession),

        Confirmation, Ordination (Holy Orders by our Bishop), and Anointing with oil for: Confirmation, Child dedication,

        deliverance, and healing prayer. 

Serving Forest Grove, Hillsboro, and Western Washington County

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