Join Us In The Joy of Following Christ in "The Middle Way" (The Via Media)

We are an Ancient & Contemporary Church

Rather than being an "Anglican" church or a church for "Anglicans", we have an Anglican ethos:  Ethos signifies the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations. Any baptized Christian who holds to the biblical and historic Christian faith is welcome to fully participate in this parish church. 

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Bono is Reported to Share an Anglican Ethos

Watch Bono share about his faith in Christ.

He refers to the "Lewis Trilemma" (CS Lewis).

By "Anglican Ethos" 

We Mean the Following:

We are connected to the ancient Church through the gift of apostolic succession ( The historic unbroken connection with Christ and His Apostles, by the “laying-on of hands”- (Acts 6:6, 1 Timothy 5:22) transferring Christ’s Apostolic authority and ministry from Jesus Himself, through His succeeding Overseers (bishops) of every proceeding generation, up until our current day ). So we are part of the “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church” (the words of The Nicene Creed)

We are traveling the "Middle Road" ( The Via Media). We are a church that bridges and transcends: Catholic and Protestant, Charismatic, Evangelical, and Pentecostal.

We have a bishop who helps shepherd our church. Our bishop's historic lines of succession run through Anglican, Catholic, and other sources.

Scripture, Tradition, and Reason

CS Lewis

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We look to Scripture, Tradition, & Reason as our sources of “authority”.

We test all teaching by sacred Scripture (The Bible).

“Tradition” is the historic teachings, understandings, norms, and practices of The Church that align with Scripture. Tradition is often found in the writings of the successors to the Apostles (Church Fathers). When Christians are divided over our understanding of Scripture- we can use tradition to gain insight.

We value the role of “God given reason” for understanding our faith. We recognize the role of the humanities, philosophy, sciences, and social sciences in understanding our faith.  The renowned Christian writer and Oxford professor- CS Lewis- was an Anglican.

Scripture, Tradition, and Reason tell us that Christians of good will can disagree on non-essentials of the Christian faith .  For example, tradition (attributed to Saint Augustine) teaches us "In essentials- unity, in nonessentials- liberty, and in all things- love."

We are neither “fundamentalist” nor “liberal”.  We would probably be labeled as “socially traditional and theologically moderate”.  None the less, we are passionate about Jesus Christ– the only Lord of history, proclaiming his Gospel, and making disciples to follow him.

We are incarnational.  The Church is The Body of Christ.  Therefore, we are Christ's Church– The Body of Christ, and we exist to embody and live out Christ’s ministry, mission, and presence to all people.


We are sacramental.  We believe that the grace of God can be conveyed through sign and symbol: Baptism, Communion, Laying on of Hands…


We have a high view of holy Communion and, like the ancient- apostolic church, we celebrate it every Sunday.

We can naturally be casual, semi-formal, or formal. It all depends on the occasion.  Weddings are usually formal, special holidays, like Christmas Eve, might be semi-formal; while our Sunday evening services are usually casual.

We have an admiration ​and affinity with the spirituality of the ancient Celtic Church of the British Isles.

You can find out more about how we define "Anglicanism" at our diocese website How We Define "Anglicanism"

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