Ancient Roots to Empower a Contemporary Witness

Our post-modern and post-Christian culture often looks to the past to help

validate religious truth claims of the present.  We are re:opening ancient wells

of our Christian faith to help empower The Church's eternal witness

that "Jesus is Lord".

Celebrating the Ancient Church's Pattern of Worship

All churches have a liturgy- which is an order and way of worshiping.

The ancient Church developed a two fold liturgy for their weekly worship services:

a Liturgy of The Word (Prayers, Bible reading, and Preaching); followed by a

Liturgy of The Eucharist/Holy Communion ("Eucharist" is a word in the Greek New Testament that means "thanksgiving").  For 1500 years, Communion was the climatic and focal act of Christian worship.  It centered the ancient Church in the worship of Jesus Christ and his saving work for humanity, rather than merely focusing on human needs and self interests.  It reminded the people of The Church that Christ invites us to come and share in His life; rather than us inviting Christ to come and share in our life.

Celebrating The Gift of Apostolic Succession

Five Streams Community Church is directly connected to the ancient Christian church through historic apostolic succession: the “historic unbroken connection with Christ and His Apostles,” by the “laying-on of hands”- (Acts 6:6, 1 Timothy 5:22) transferring Christ’s Apostolic authority and ministry from Jesus Himself, through His succeeding Overseers (bishops) of every proceeding generation, up until our current day.  We recognize the “gift” of apostolic succession to the Church, and are celebrants of this ancient tradition (not doctrine), followed by our brothers and sisters of the past.  Together, we are a part of a universal "Communion of  Saints" (past and present followers of Jesus) united in God through Jesus Christ.

Celebrating the Christian Calendar  
It’s easy to let the world shape the way we think about time. Many Christians arrange their activities around the civic or academic calendars and think little of it. But the Bible’s view of time is much different than the world’s view. For the ancient Hebrews and for the ancient church, all of time was meant to be redeemed for the Lord. Our contemporary notion of thinking that worship is a “Sunday thing” would be foreign to the first century believer. Romans 12 reminds us, “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world.” It encourages us to live all of life as a sacrifice to the Lord. Worship happens 24, 7, 12, decade, millennium, epoch, infinity!  Following the Christian Calendar helps us to focus on what God has done, and is NOW doing, in our lives.

Celebrating Community, Spirituality, and Faith Formation
Gal. 4:19 "My dear children, for whom I am again in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you"

The ancient Church grew organically and relationally, and as it grew it focused on bringing people into the life of the Church through personal instruction and mentoring that formed faith and spirituality in the followers of Jesus Christ.

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